Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the temple

nick and i were able to go to the temple in billing this weekend to see dusty and sarah get sealed...what a blessing! here are some fun picts of our adventure!


So who ever said life would be easy? and if they did who are they and what kind of life do they have? yesterday was not a good day....when your day starts out bad i think it is a rule of thumb that it continues to go bad all day... i started work yesterday and i wasnt excited about it cuz my boys have loved having me home so much and actually much to my disbelief i have loved being home with them....what little joys! plus i was already a little discourage for how my weekend went i didnt get to do anything i wanted to do and the whole time i felt like i was making someone else feel bad....why cant there be more time when it comes to friends and family?
There was a talk in conference about trials and how they make you better...you know how one talk just jumps out and hits you...that was my talk for this conference. i know that without trials i wouldnt be who i am today or where i am today. i also know that i am definitely not the person God wants me to be cuz i sure seem to be having a lot of trials as of late! the phrase with Jesus picture over it comes to mind...."i never said it would be easy I only said it would be worth it." i know that if i make to heaven and get to be with my family and Christ and my Lord it will be worth it...so why do i sometimes feel like giving up or that it is too hard? i remember my first year at college one of the first relief society classes i went to was given on trials and how to handle them and in my little nieve mind i thought who has trials so big that they struggle so much with them..... i only bring this up to the point that i wish i was young again sometimes and nieve to the world and its bitterness...but then i would not know the sweetness of it.
just a thought

Sunday, March 20, 2011

As long as you dont tell James...I think we could call this Joshua's and Annie's first date! ha ha
Joshua and nick having a little father son time!

So yesterday i opened my silverware drawer to find.......NO SILVERWARE! you got it joshua had hauled off every piece of silverware i own! silly boy.........so all day long i found random spoons and forks stuffed and placed in my house......no knives because i had to hide the knives from him because they are of course his favorite!
i just have to say that i have the best husband ever! they came to get me today to go to the nursery and i have been having a trying time with the boys...cuz they have been throwing fits like over everything...McCann will lay down and cry and powt on the floor over just about anything...Joshua never did that so i dont know what to do with myself...well anyhow my sweet husband came in after he taught his class and sat in nursery so i could go to class for the rest of the hour! so cute of him! so thoughtfulL!
Joshua has started this new thing of sleeping on the floor, we know we need to get him a bigger bed but are waiting til after we move again...poor child i will go in there and his head will be on his bed and his whole body will be off the bed. silly child....
so we have decided to learn about the 12 apostles for FHE. last week we learned about President Monson and this week we will be learning about Elder Henry B. Erying so if anyone has an interesting fact or knowledge about them we would love to incorporate that into our learning!

Monday, March 14, 2011

comming back to blogging!

so i am going to try and be a better blogger! i know i know when i am good at anything on the computer but hey at least i have internet at my house for the first time in my married life! yeah! so things are changing so fast so quick the boys are growing like weeds....Joshua will turn 3 in another month yes 3! and McCann will be 2 in another month and a half...so needless to say we have a lot of trauma around our house as 2 and 3 year olds often think that everything is trauma! for those of you who dont know we live in glendive montana...nick got a job and is loving it....i am staying home for right now but will have an interview this week at the hospital...i guess the only thing i really have to say right now is that i wish i had a tv.....march madness is the best 3 weeks of my life! i love to watch bball yeah! i hope my boys like it!